About us.

Cat.com is a leading block chain information service platform in China. It is oriented towards value investment and serves block chain entrepreneurs.

Cat has focused on exploiting the potential block chain system and has now developed into an ecological platform that integrates information content, activity training, incubators, project investment, and block chain technology landing.

Our product.

Headline Information: Exporting Valuable Block Chain Thought

Founded in 2019, Cat Network is the most senior content platform in the area of block chains. With professional and authoritative reporting standards, it provides users with valuable information services.

Cat web has now formed a comprehensive website integrating text, audio and video.

The content section includes: newsletter, cat headlines, weekly magazines, block chains, hot chat teahouses, etc., covering news information, popular science, in-depth reports, video topics, character visits, and public opinion dynamic observations. From the perspective of industry, we focus on the innovation and exploration in the area of block chain, and export valuable ideological power to the block chain industry.

The cat website also attracted hundreds of columnists to gather here, forming the most dynamic block chain thought platform in the country. At present, more than 60 columnists have written here, and have published more than 1,800 articles, 2.5 million words, and more than 9.6 million readings.

Cat web is exporting valuable block chain ideas in a professional and serious manner, seizing the commanding height of block chain content.

Cat Community: China's Leading Block Chain Enthusiast Community

Here, users can participate in the creation of block chains as the main theme, multi-linked block chains to apply original plans, browse domestic and foreign Bitcoin developments, discuss and analyze the market, ask for help or answer questions, and build a willing to share and participate in multiple subjects. Decentralized community.

Among them, the cat-tech community is the most prominent. The community has a strong technological gene and temperament and focuses on the exchange of block chain technology. Users can view the latest technology newsletter, technical documents, learning block chain technology knowledge; At the same time, it can connect all public chain projects to develop their own block chain ecology, and connect offline activities, training, and recruitment.

Cat School: Deliver Quality Block Chain Talents to Society

Cat Academy is a brand of education and training under Cat Network. It aims to "create a talent chain" and send high-quality talent to the society. The college relies on the influence of Cat's Network in the industry and a strong mentor resource base to bring users a "one-stop learning experience", allowing more block chain enthusiasts to master the core technologies and concepts of block chains and help block chain enthusiasts to start their own business. employment.

Cat Community Alliance Camp: Creating Technology-Driven Value Ecological Networks

The Cat Community Alliance Camp is an incubator in the vertical field of the chain of blocks. It serves teams or projects that use block chain technology to solve real problems and create subversive solutions.

The Cat Community Alliance Camp uses media services as an entry point to provide residents with services such as site support, consulting services, mentor hiring, investors and resources docking, and further open up areas such as community operations, block chain project hatching and investment. Create a new value ecology with technology as the core, and continue to empower the block chain industry.