Welcome to the services offered by www.catchang.net. This agreement is concluded by the service user(hereinafter referred to as "Customer") and the cat website. Please read all the following terms and conditions carefully. If the user does not agree with any of the terms of this service, please do not register or use the cat website service. Users are deemed to recognize and accept all terms of this agreement upon registration. Thereafter, the user shall not enter any form of defence for failure to read the terms of this service. After the user registration is successful, the cat network will give each user a user account and the corresponding password. The user account and password will be kept by the user himself; Users should be held legally liable for all activities and events carried out with their user accounts.


Service Contents


The specific service content of the cat network is provided by the cat community, such as block chains, headline newsletters, project AirDrops, and activity Q&A. Users must comply with the services provided by the cat network under this service clause. Cat.com does not promise to notify users in advance of the start, change, or end of the service.


Article Modification, addition or deletion


The cat community has the final decision to change, add or delete some terms at any time. Once the terms are changed, the cat community will inform the user of the change of the terms and conditions one month in advance through the user's account. If necessary, it will announce the changes on the home page of the website. After receiving the notification, the user has the responsibility to check the revised terms and conditions. If the user continues to use the cat community service after the terms are announced, he is considered to accept the changes in these terms and agrees to follow these terms when using the cat community service in the future.


Change, interruption or termination of service


Due to the special nature of Internet services, users agree that the cat community has the right to change, interrupt or terminate some or all of the Internet services at any time. If the network service is changed, interrupted or terminated, the cat community does not need to notify the user or assume any liability to any user or any third party.


User Account


In order to ensure user account information security in the cat community, users must agree to the following terms:


(1) The user is responsible for keeping his account information and password, as well as any activities including network transactions that occur under this account.


(2) When a non-authorized account or password login occurs, or any login that violates the terms of service, the user must immediately notify the cat community.


(3) Users will be held accountable for any loss to the cat community or other users of the platform due to the use of their account numbers and passwords by others.


(4) Under no circumstances may a user use any account other than his or her own account number, otherwise the cat community has the right to freeze such accounts.


(5) Users agree to provide accurate, up-to-date and complete personal information to the cat community as required by the system during the registration process and ensure that this information is up to date.


Privacy protection


Users are asked to provide personal information when creating accounts to use the cat community, and these personal information will be kept confidential. (a) Without the permission of the user, the cat community guarantees that the registration data of individual users will not be made public or provided to third parties, and that users will store private content in the cat community when using the Internet service, except for the following: Including providing user registration information, storage data, and user's operating records in the cat community when the relevant national authorities inquire.




(1) The user expressly agrees that the risk of using the cat community service will be borne entirely by the user himself; All the consequences of its use of the cat community service are also borne by the cat community. The cat community is not responsible for the user.


(2) Any information provided by the cat community(including but not limited to the cat community official, externally obtained, and published by others invited by the cat community), the cat community does not guarantee that it is completely real-time or completely accurate. It does not mean that the cat community confirms its description or agrees with its views. All contents are for reference only and do not constitute investment suggestions or other practical operational opinions. The user is responsible for the consequences of the operation.


(3) The cat community does not guarantee that the service will meet the requirements of the user, nor does it guarantee that the service will not be interrupted, nor does it guarantee the timeliness, safety, and accuracy of the service. The cat community is not responsible for the disruption of network services, data loss, data damage or other defects caused by various causes.


(4) The user explicitly agrees that the risk of using the cat community is borne by the user. For all user registrations, names, identities, mobile phones, and other acts, the cat community refused to provide any guarantees.


(5) Users agree that the cat community is not responsible for accidental leakage of user data due to force majeure events such as hacking, floods, windstorms, droughts, earthquakes, wars, blockades, and government bans.


Copyright Statement


From the cat community, Including but not limited to: text reports, pictures, sounds, videos, charts, logos, logos, advertisements, trademarks, trade names, domain names, software, programs, layout designs, and any or all information provided to registered users, Owned or legally used by the cat community, no media, website or individual may reproduce, extract or otherwise use the above without the written authorization or consent of the obligee concerned; Where authorization or consent has been granted, it shall be used within the scope of authorization or consent, with the indication "Source: www.catchangt.net". In violation of the above declaration, the cat community will be held legally responsible.


Responsibilities and obligations


(1) Users are required to ensure that they are the rightful owners of accounts and that their use of catworkers 'community services is subject to all applicable local, national and international laws.


(2) The cat community is not responsible for malfunctions, crashes, delays or disruptions caused by network connections, or for any reason the site is unavailable at any time or during the period. The content of the third-party website linked to the cat community is for reference only. We have no control over and responsibility for these sites and resources, and we are not responsible for your personal loss or damage as a result of using this information.


(3) In the case of fraud, the cat community will report the fraud to the relevant government agencies and provide them with all necessary information, including the name, address and other required information. Users should be aware that their accounts may be frozen at any time when the relevant government department requests the investigation of fraud or any illegal activities.


(4) Users shall comply with all provisions of the cat community and shall not interfere in any way with the services of the cat community.




In the event of an event of force majeure under the applicable law, the liability of the affected party would be suspended pending a solution. If the competent judicial authority considers that any provision of the articles can not be enforced, the provisions shall be applied to the maximum extent permissible and the remaining provisions shall remain in force.


Notification and communication


Users know and agree that all types of notices of cats are made through web announcements, system notifications, official management account notifications(public or private), e-mail, or regular letters. When the notice is issued, it is deemed to have been delivered to the addressee. The user's notice to the cat community can contact us through the official mail of the cat community, Catchant@163.com.